Relax and let you fascinate by our wild-looking landscape:


Sea, hills, mountains with Mediterranean scrub and mixed woodlands (fir, pine, larch, chestnut, beech, oak and more) and streams, as well as the enormous rocks that form the banks of the Allaro River, which transport you back to pre-historic times with their towering 50 – 70 m heights and openings that resemble entrances to caverns. In addition to the spectacular rocks, majestic trees grow in the river bed.

Cascata del Marmarico – 105mt. Waterfall - Bivongi

Natural Park Nicholas Green and lake with trouts livestock - Bivongi

Solfatare – Termal Site (Bagni di Guida) - Bivongi

Allaro Waterfalls (old greek legend about the birth of Allaro, Amusa and Precariti rivers) - Caulonia

Trekking of Scialata- San Giovanni di Gerace

San Fili Castle - Stignano

Bellavista ``Bombarde`` - Gerace

Marina port of Roccella Jonica

Lake and old steel and iron mine from the Bourbonic period - Mongiana

National and Botanic Park with several plants and wild animals.